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21 of TikTok's Most Unethical Life Hacks

By Isabel Thakur
Published in Life Improvement
May 08, 2023
1 min read
21 of TikTok's Most Unethical Life Hacks

As the TikTok craze continues to dominate social media, users are coming up with some seriously questionable “life hacks” that leave many wondering if they’re actually legal. A recent article on Bored Panda compiled 21 of TikTok’s most unethical life hacks, and some of them are truly shocking.

Among the hacks are things like using a fake parking ticket to scare people into moving their cars, pretending to be deaf or unable to speak in order to get free food, and even stealing items from stores by using a “five finger discount” technique. While some of these “hacks” may seem harmless, they are still technically illegal and can get you in serious trouble if caught.

Additionally, these hacks promote an unethical mindset that can have real-world consequences. If we normalize dishonest behavior and cheating the system, it can have a ripple effect on our society. It’s important to remember that there are more ethical ways to solve common problems and that taking shortcuts may not be worth the risk.

This article shines a light on the darker side of TikTok culture and encourages users to think twice before participating in these questionable “life hacks.” It’s a reminder that the choices we make, even on social media, can have real-world implications and that it’s important to think critically about the messages we’re consuming and promoting online.

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Isabel Thakur

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