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Cat steals hundreds of pounds of items from neighbours

By Owen Galvez
Published in Pets
May 01, 2023
1 min read
Cat steals hundreds of pounds of items from neighbours

So, I just read this crazy article about a cat who’s been stealing stuff from its neighbours! Apparently, this kitty named Dusty has been taking all sorts of things, from socks to children’s toys, and even full-on packages. Dusty’s owners didn’t know what was going on, but when they discovered a secret hoard of stolen goods in their garage, they realized what was up.

According to the article, Dusty’s been “shopping” for over a year! And get this, he’s even targeted specific homes, going back to them repeatedly. It seems like Dusty’s got a bit of a kleptomania problem.

Personally, I’ve never heard of a cat doing something like this before. Sure, they might bring you the occasional dead mouse or bird, but that’s about it. But it’s definitely not the first time I’ve heard of an animal with this sort of behavior – I once knew a dog that regularly stole laundry from his owner’s neighbours. I guess some pets just have sticky fingers (or paws).

But all jokes aside, this article brings up some important points about animal behaviour and pet ownership. It’s one thing to laugh about a silly cat stealing things, but it’s another thing entirely to have a pet who’s causing damage or harm. As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our animals aren’t wreaking havoc on other people’s lives.

Overall, this article was a wild ride, but it’s a good reminder that even our cute and cuddly pets can act out in unexpected ways. Stay vigilant, folks!

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Owen Galvez

Owen Galvez

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