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Francia Raísa says Selena Gomez fans threatened to ‘rip out her kidney’

By Eric Sterling
May 10, 2023
1 min read
Francia Raísa says Selena Gomez fans threatened to ‘rip out her kidney’

So, I just read this really crazy article about Francia Raísa, the actress who donated her kidney to Selena Gomez. Apparently, some of Selena’s fans started threatening to “rip out” Francia’s kidney after learning that they had undergone the successful transplant. What is wrong with people these days?

Anyway, according to the article, Francia was understandably upset by the threats and even had to take a break from social media to deal with the backlash. She also spoke out about the importance of spreading love and kindness, rather than hate and negativity.

As someone who has dealt with online hate and bullying before, I can totally relate to Francia’s struggle. It’s so disheartening to see how some people can be so cruel and thoughtless, especially when it comes to something as personal and sensitive as donating an organ.

Overall, I think this article is a sobering reminder of just how toxic and damaging social media can be, and why it’s so important to promote positivity and compassion online. No one deserves to be threatened or attacked for doing something selfless and heroic like Francia did, and we need to do better as a society to show our gratitude and appreciation for those who make sacrifices for others.

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