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Mango Jelly Recipe in Tamil | How to make Jelly from Javvarisi | Jelly without gelatin & agar agar

By Isabel Thakur
Published in Recipes
May 11, 2023
1 min read
Mango Jelly Recipe in Tamil | How to make Jelly from Javvarisi | Jelly without gelatin & agar agar

I just read this super cool article on how to make mango jelly from javvarisi, a type of tapioca pearls, and without using any gelatin or agar agar. I love learning about new recipes and trying them out, so I thought this was pretty interesting.

Basically, the recipe involves soaking the javvarisi in water for a few hours, and then cooking it with mango pulp, sugar, and water until it thickens up into a jelly-like consistency. It’s pretty easy to follow and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients.

What I think is really cool is that you can customize the flavors based on what fruit or juice you use. So if you’re not a fan of mango, you could try using strawberry or orange juice instead. And since it doesn’t use gelatin or agar agar, it’s a great recipe for vegans or people who don’t eat those ingredients for whatever reason.

I haven’t actually tried making this recipe yet, but I’m definitely intrigued. Javvarisi is also a common ingredient in South Indian cuisine, so I’m excited to see how else it can be used.

Overall, I think this article is a great example of how you can make delicious and unique recipes using simple and accessible ingredients. Plus, it’s always fun to try something new in the kitchen!

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Isabel Thakur

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