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Reality vs. TV Show Reality - Paranormal Investigating

By Ana Escamilla
Published in TV & Movies
May 09, 2023
1 min read
Reality vs. TV Show Reality - Paranormal Investigating

As a writer for a news site, I came across an interesting article titled “Reality vs. TV Show Reality - Paranormal Investigating”. What caught my attention was the fact that many reality TV shows about paranormal investigating present themselves as real, when in actuality, they are often staged and scripted.

The article explained how viewers may not realize that these shows are not entirely authentic, as they focus heavily on drama and suspense rather than actual investigation techniques. In contrast, real paranormal investigating involves scientific methods, such as using equipment like electromagnetic field detectors and infrared cameras to collect evidence.

Another important point the article made was that some of these shows go to great lengths to make their events seem supernatural by using special effects and sound design. This often misleads viewers into believing that they are watching something genuine when, in fact, it is all staged.

Furthermore, these TV shows can have a harmful impact on communities, as some viewers try to replicate the investigations presented on TV without proper training or equipment. This can lead to dangerous situations for both the investigators and the people they are investigating.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware that not everything we see on TV is real, particularly when it comes to paranormal investigating. Using scientific methods is crucial to obtaining accurate evidence, and it is important to not try to replicate what we see on TV without proper training. By being more informed, we can separate fact from fiction and truly appreciate the value of genuine paranormal investigating.

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Ana Escamilla

Ana Escamilla

Freelance Journalist

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