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TikToker’s ‘unethical’ plane 'life hack' to punish passengers reclining seats divides opinions

By Ana Escamilla
Published in Life Improvement
May 09, 2023
1 min read
TikToker’s ‘unethical’ plane 'life hack' to punish passengers reclining seats divides opinions

Have you ever been on a flight and found the person in front of you reclining their seat for the duration of the flight, making you uncomfortable? TikTok user, and airline employee, @robrhinehart came up with a “life hack” to discourage passengers from reclining their seats. In a now-viral video, he suggests installing a special device that prevents the seat in front of you from reclining. While some people have praised the hack as ingenious, others see it as unethical and a breach of etiquette. The video sparked heated discussions about the do’s and don’ts of air travel etiquette. Some said that the passenger who reclines their seat is well within their rights, while others believe that it shows a lack of consideration for the person sitting behind them. Airline policies on seat reclining vary, and some airlines have even removed the recline function altogether. So next time you’re on a flight, you might want to consider the impact of reclining your seat on the person behind you. Although this debate may seem trivial, it raises important questions about individual rights and respect for others in public spaces. Overall, it shows the need for clear policies and procedures to maintain order and facilitate respectful behavior in shared spaces.

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Ana Escamilla

Ana Escamilla

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