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TV Shows Saved From Cancellation

By Eric Sterling
Published in TV & Movies
May 04, 2023
1 min read
TV Shows Saved From Cancellation

I came across this really interesting article about TV shows being saved from cancellation, and I just had to tell you about it. Basically, the article talks about how certain TV shows that were on the brink of being cancelled were saved by either a passionate fan base or a network that believed in the show’s potential.

One example the article mentioned was Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was cancelled by Fox after five seasons. However, after an outpouring of support from fans on social media, NBC picked up the show for a sixth season. Another example was Lucifer, which was cancelled by Fox after three seasons, but then picked up by Netflix for two more seasons.

I think it’s really cool how fans can have such a big impact on the future of a show. It shows how much passion and dedication people have for these characters and storylines. Plus, it gives shows that might not have gotten a fair chance from their original network a second chance to succeed.

Personally, I remember being devastated when my favorite show, The Mindy Project, was cancelled by Fox after three seasons. But then Hulu picked it up for three more seasons, and it was great to see the show get the proper ending it deserved.

Overall, I think this article highlights the power of a dedicated fan base and how important it is for networks to listen to their viewers. It also raises interesting questions about the future of TV and whether traditional networks will continue to hold all the power in deciding which shows get the green light.

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Eric Sterling

Eric Sterling

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