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AI may help shorten workouts to 20 minutes and still unlock 'fountain of youth'

By Isabel Thakur
Published in Health & Wellness
May 09, 2023
1 min read
AI may help shorten workouts to 20 minutes and still unlock 'fountain of youth'

So, have you heard about this new study that claims AI could make workouts shorter and help us achieve eternal youth? It sounds pretty wild, right?

Basically, researchers have found that by using artificial intelligence, they can develop personalized exercise routines that are more efficient and effective. The idea is that you would only need to work out for about 20 minutes a day, but still reap all the benefits of a longer workout, like improved cardiovascular health and increased muscle strength.

But here’s the really exciting part: the researchers also found that these shortened workouts could actually help slow down aging. They measured things like telomere length (which is associated with cellular aging) and found that people who did the shorter workouts had longer telomeres than those who did longer workouts.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m all for anything that can make working out easier and more efficient. I’m definitely someone who struggles to find the time and motivation to exercise regularly, so a 20-minute routine sounds like a dream come true. And if it can help me look and feel younger too? Sign me up!

Of course, some people might be skeptical of this new research, and that’s totally understandable. AI is still a relatively new field, and there are always potential risks and downsides to new technology. Plus, as with any exercise routine, not everyone will see the same results.

But even if this research turns out to be incomplete or flawed, I think it still raises some interesting questions about the future of fitness and health. How can we use technology to make exercise more accessible and enjoyable for everyone? And how can we better understand the link between physical activity and aging?

Overall, I think this study is just the beginning of a much larger conversation about how we can use AI and other tools to improve our health and wellbeing. And who knows – maybe someday we really will discover the fountain of youth, with a little help from our robot friends.

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Isabel Thakur

Isabel Thakur

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